Billy Woods
hip hop / USA

Tour dates:
March 2018

UK/Europe Booking

After spending much of the 2000s as half of the now defunct Super Chron Flight Brothers, Billy Woods struck out on his own with 2012’s audacious mission statement, "History Will Absolve Me". 2013 saw Billy Woods collaborating with producer Blockhead on the darkly humorous "Dour Candy". That same year, Woods and fellow NYC rapper ELUCID joined forces as Armand Hammer and released the incendiary album "Race Music" to critical acclaim. "Known Unknowns" is Billy Woods’new album. Blockhead is still behind the boards but there are also a couple beats from his longtime collaborator Aesop Rock. "Known Unknowns" finds the artist on more melodic ground, but still his esoteric, acerbic self, spinning verses equal parts joy and terror, wry wit and blind rage.